August 28, 2016

How we Reap What we sow: 2 Examples

“Do not be deceived God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”—Galatians 6:7 (NIV)

There are powerful groups out there whose mission is to suppress all those who won’t follow their commands. Such groups use violence to keep in line those who don’t look, act, or think as they do. They’re striking fear in many people. How long will their power last, though?

History and current events are full of examples of people who win the battle to get ahead, but they lose the war. In other words, such people find only temporary success. Truthfully, we could trace the rise and fall of almost every oppressive empire, celebrity, and business:
  • Nazis aren’t about to take over the whole world.
  • The empires of Rome and Babylon no longer exist.

The Law of the Harvest

We reap what we sow in every area of life. If we treat individuals right, we are likely to get the same kind of attention in return.  On the contrary, people who try to pull others down in any way will probably find their success will be limited. When we help others, we help ourselves, and the reverse is also true. Let’s look at two cases:

No Man’s Sky

This is a recently released electronic console game that sells for $60. It was developed by Hello Games and funded by Japanese electronics giant, Sony. The extremely well-marketed game was pre-ordered by many. However, it lost 90% of its active player base within two weeks of release. That’s a record in the gaming industry—and not one to be proud of. What happened?
  • Crashes every couple of minutes
  • Isn’t multiplayer
  • Doesn’t have the advertised features

Hello Games suppresses the truth about their product, and they’re paying for it in lost sales. They are also probably going to lose the financial backing of Sony.


Most fast-food restaurants compete with each other by changing their menus, their pricing, or other variables. Chick-fil-A, on the contrary, knows how to stay in business: put the customer first. If you treat people right, they’ll keep coming back. Why does their restaurant have longevity?
  • Greet customers immediately in a friendly manner
  • Repeat back every order to ensure accuracy
  • Offer free newspapers in some stores
  • Take dine-in customers’ food directly to their tables on occasion
  • Offer high-quality food
  • Set high standards for employee/customer interaction

My Conclusion

It is difficult to see so many malicious, selfish people and groups getting ahead. It really is. I often find myself thinking, “Hey! What happened here? This isn’t right! It has to be fixed!” Fortunately, we can rest assured that The Law of the Harvest eventually takes effect in everyone’s lives. Life is like a boomerang. If we give out emotional light, we will receive it in return. The same is true for darkness.

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How are you treating others today?

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