May 6, 2018

The Masterpiece Hidden Within the Brokenness

“But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light” 1 Peter 2:9 (KJV)

Labels are essential. They identify disease, awards, family connections, and a list too long to type here. Descriptions let us know what we can expect…or do they? Are they always accurate?

Names were certainly important in biblical times.  The names of several towering figures were changed upon their conversion, or change of heart. Some examples are: Paul, Sarah, Abraham, and Isaac.

Mephibosheth—(Hebrew “from the mouth of shame”)

2 Samuel relates the story of this grandson of King Saul. His grandfather and father (Johnathan) had both died sometime before Mephibosheth turned five years old. David is the new king. There are many ugly rumors circulating about David. Mephibosheth’s caretakers also fear the new king will exact revenge, because Saul had hunted and tried to kill David.

When Mephibosheth’s nurse hears David is approaching, she grabs the boy in order to rush him to safety. In the process, she drops him. He becomes permanently crippled in his legs.

The young man of royal blood is taken to what is essentially considered a ghetto in biblical times: Lo-Debar. This means “no pasture” in Hebrew.  What’s the significance of not having fertile land? Nothing could grow. There would be no food for any man or animal.

We’re talking about rural Old Testament times. There would be no fast-food restaurants or supermarkets. Absolutely no food is available locally. That’s a big problem.

One can assume the young man is sloppy in his appearance, since he lives in a wasteland. His clothes may be old and tattered. He probably doesn’t focus on hygiene, either. He may not even have enough water to keep himself clean.

Promoted From the Pit to the Palace

After some years, David discovers Mephibosheth’s existence. He asks the people at his court if there are any relatives of Johnathan to whom he could show kindness—for his friend’s sake. (David and Johnathan had remained best friends despite the trauma with Johnathan’s father.)

When David learns his late buddy has a son, he immediately sends for him. The young man and his people panic. They are convinced David wants to harm Johnathan’s son. Mephibosheth still has no choice but to follow the king’s men back to David’s glorious dwelling place.

Much to his surprise, Mephibosheth is greeted with open arms. King David supplies him with these:
  • Servants
  • Riches
  • All of his grandfather’s lands
  • A nightly feast at the king’s own table

Royalty on the Inside

The frightened, crippled disregarded man still had royal blood. His exterior couldn’t change that.

 This box represents a wounded and scarred body. Life happened. Reality set in. Most individuals wouldn’t expect much of this container. We might even think trash was inside; after all, the outside certainly looks like garbage.

On the contrary, these pearls are inside. They haven’t been appraised. They’re a family heirloom. If they’re cultured pearls, they could be worth about $400. If the pearls are real, they could possibly be worth 10 times that much. Either way, the necklace isn’t garbage, even if the container is.

My Conclusion

You cannot be judged by appearances. Present circumstances don’t tell your whole story. You may be battered and bruised. You might feel worthless because of years of lack and limitations. Your future is still ahead. It is not tied to your past. The royalty within you will eventually shine.

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