January 26, 2020

Love: a Creative Power, part 4

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”-- 1 John 4:18 (KJV)

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Good guys
Bad guys

Labels and boundaries…They’re an accepted part of most groups. We’re comfortable with people who think and dress similar to us. Most of us feel uneasy, though, when faced with differences. That’s scary. We want more information.

Love is the equalizer. It levels the playing field against fear.

The next paragraphs will cite cases of people who refused to stay boxed in to a “safe” social group. They’re from an excellent book, called Divine Interventions: True Stories of Mysteries and Miracles That Change Lives, by Dan Millman and Doug Childers. These spiritual giants often gave up most of their worldly possessions. They also defied possible injury and death to win their enemies over with love:

NOTE: I’m not suggesting everyone should follow the same path as these heroes. They were operating with divine intervention and guidance.

Mildred Norman (“Peace Pilgrim”)

This astonishing woman hiked the Appalachian Trail for almost three decades. She relied on the compassion of people to feed and clothe her. She talked a teen out of doing violence to her.  Mildred often hitchhiked. Her trust and innocence stopped the assault of at least one driver.

Bill Tomes (A pastor to inner-city Chicago gangs)

 Tomes is credited with breaking up gang wars. He often stops fights by literally getting in between the groups.

Walt Whitman (Yes, THE Walt Whitman of Leaves of Grass fame.)

This literary giant was much more than an essayist, journalist, and poet. The Northerner travelled the Civil War battlefields as a nurse. At age 50, he helped soldiers from both sides. The combatants’ love for him is well documented.

Doug Childers (co-author of the book)

He was walking in a dark alley in the notorious Tenderloin district of San Francisco, California. Two scowling young men approached him, emanating anger. One of them was brandishing a pipe. Childers stunned them by smiling and greeting them with love. They were so astonished they ran away.

My Conclusion

People can tell when we interact with love and acceptance. Such an attitude can break down huge political and social divisions, in some cases.

That works for the world of animals, too. They thrive with love. Please enjoy this video of 11-year old dog trainer, Alexa Lauenburger, on America’s Got Talent: Champions, 2020. It’s love in action. (Just watch the wagging tails! Guaranteed to make you smile, too!):

How has reacting with love helped you?

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