May 9, 2021

Mother: a Sacred Title


“Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.”-- Proverbs 31:28 KJV

Once a mom; always a mom. The ups and downs never stop. The roller-coaster ride never ends. The sorrows are deeply frustrating. The blessings are exciting. Do moms ever coast along in a life of ease? Ummm, rarely.

Motherhood may be many things, but “boring” is definitely not one of them. Anyone with that attitude belongs in therapy. Social services may even have to get involved with those parents’ neglected kids.

Moms are the emotional backbone of their families. They are the supporters. Let’s look at some real-life examples of what mothers do for us:

  • Work at unsatisfactory jobs to fund their husbands’ higher education.
  • Give up, or postpone, careers in the entertainment industry.
  • Delay careers as Information Technology (IT) professionals.
  • Become a teacher, instead of a performer, so they can raise their families.
  • Switch countries and cultures to follow their husbands.
  • Bail their kids out of trouble.
  • Have a child at the age when many ladies are grandmothers.
  • Become mothers as teenagers.

The Burning Within, by RaNelle Wallace

This is a book about a life-changing near-death experience. Many mothers push through mental and physical limitations. This author, however, returned to a life of unimaginable pain in order to raise her child.

RaNelle and her husband were flying in a single-engine plane in the 1980s .  It crashed and burned. RaNelle got burned over 75% of her body. The pain was unspeakable.

It’s no wonder she wanted to stay in Heaven where she felt no pain or judgment—only love. Who wouldn’t? Her deceased grandma joined her. The older lady tried to talk her relative into staying. RaNelle declined. The grandmother was sad. She told her granddaughter to meet someone before she made her final decision.

Within minutes, a handsome young man entered the room. When he saw RaNelle, he started crying. He said, “Mom, what are you doing here?” The boy related all he was supposed to accomplish in life. If he wasn’t born, how could he do these things? RaNelle committed to return to her pain-filled life and guide her son.

A baby was born soon after. He had the some of the same expressions as the sweet spirit from the near-death experience.


As mothers, we find joy in our families. We are the living embodiment of the saying, “Sacrifice is giving up something good for something better.”

One of the most gifted vocalists I know is my friend, Seiko Shimada. Her vocal range is astonishing. I know she delayed an amazing performing career to focus on raising her young family. This video showcases her talents for both singing and comedy.

Seiko Shimada--"Alleluia"

What did/does your mom sacrifice for you?


  1. This was beautiful. It spoke to my heart in many ways as I was only a teenager when my mom died. Now, as a mom, I grieve for the estrangement of my son. But that is not where I dwell -- I dwell in the secret place where God gives us the stamina, wisdom, and comfort we need as moms.

    1. Battered Hope, thanks so much for your beautiful comments! As moms, we certainly need all the divine help we can get.