May 8, 2022

Honoring Mothers


"She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness. Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her."-- Proverbs 31: 27-28 (KJV)

It’s Mother’s Day in the U.S. These unpaid caregivers may give birth, adopt, or care for others’ children.  Any way you look at it, “Mother” means self-sacrifice and love.

Please enjoy this six-minute video. It’s well worth watching. The content is Zoom interviews for a fake job position: Director of Operations (Mother). Prepare to laugh and to cry!



MY CONCLUSION (Quotes from


Sophia Loren--"When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.”


Oliver Wendell Holmes--"Youth fades; love droops; the leaves of friendship fall; a mother’s secret hope outlives them all.”


Rumi--"We are born of love; love is our mother."


Maya Angelou--“To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow."


Have you thanked your mom lately?



  1. This was wonderful - shared it across all my channels

    1. Thanks, my great friend and sister! I appreciate the exposure more than I can say. I absolutely had to find a way to share that excellent video.

  2. Thank you for sharing this Traci.