April 17, 2016

How Forgiveness Benefits US, part 3

“Not forgiving gives people control over your life”—Twitter user, Numerology

Okay, so forgiveness is often extremely unfair, especially if the person who wronged us never admits fault or attempts to make things right.  It’s hard to let go of pain. Our head demands that the problem be fixed. Our heart wants immediate healing.

Obviously, such happy scenarios aren’t always possible. Some offenders blindside us with trauma from which we may never fully recover. Others cause strife and then instantly move on, not caring about the mess they’re leaving behind.  

It takes a truly powerful individual to accept what cannot be changed. Please see my two recent articles on this subject here and here.

John Slater, a Google+ friend

“Forgiveness is a form of strength. It gives us freedom. Never allow anyone to mistake it for weakness. The strong will always survive in the face of all adversity. Then make way for happiness and personal contentment.”

The Bible

There are many scriptures related to meekness and forgiveness. Jesus is at the center of quite a few of them.  He did not allow himself to be upset by continual skepticism and mistreatment.

Negativity did not define Him. He merely continued to serve those who did respect him.

The greatest example of this is in Luke 23:34. Jesus is on the cross. One of the seven statements He makes is this: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Only a meek person could say this about the people who were killing him and fighting over possession of his clothes.

Jesus Christ had an eternal perspective. The Lord knew that he wouldn’t eventually be held responsible for what his enemies did; they would. Their burden would be heavy, much heavier than the temporary pain they were causing. That’s how He found it in His heart to forgive them.

My Conclusion

It’s much, much harder to forgive than to stay angry. It takes a tough person to let go of hurt.  Meekness is strength under control, not the lack of strength. It’s not the same as being unassertive. True power is to know when to claim one’s rights and when to let them go--for the time being.  Please see this article at PresbyCan Daily Devotional for a more in-depth study.

How do you forgive despite unbelievable pain?

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